About Generation Dude

California’s Generation Dude is an irreverent folk-rock duo that gives a refreshing yet nostalgic vibe to the rock music scene — think “Simon & Garfunkel meets Uriah Heap with a measure of Neil Young”.  Formed in 2015, Generation Dude consists of lead singer / guitarist Terence Schoshinski, and drummer / multi-instrumentalist Steve “The Wolf” Refling.

From Humble Beginnings
In 2014, band founder, Terence Schoshinski left his home in Venice, CA with a suitcase and guitar and headed to the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. There he was able to escape the ‘rat race' and re-connect with his folk music roots. "Looking back, I was probably trying to treat some loneliness with a dose of isolation— not a great prescription”  he said, "but there was a silver lining to the trip, because I wrote Airplane Model Glue, amoung others and was inspired to create Generation Dude.”

Upon returning to Venice Beach with songs in hand, he reconnected with Refling to start recording their debut release, Crimes Against Yourself.  The EP includes the tracks Radio Pills, Airplane Model Glue, One Leg At A Time, Top Of The Heap, and nihilistic rendition of the Queen hit Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

A friend who heard some early reference mixes said “sure is a lot of electric guitar for a folk album” to which Schoshinski quipped “In the studio, sometimes you just get carried away.” The album’s vintage guitar tones and lush backing vocals harken to classic bands like Buffalo Springfield, The Hollies and Tom Petty